Board of Directors

The Sarnia Police Association Board of Directors has an elected president who shall, in consultation with the Board of Directors, act as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association, and be responsible for the management of its affairs and operations.

The Board of Directors also includes an elected vice-president, a treasurer, a secretary, six uniform directors and two civilian directors. All of these positions are part-time and are above and beyond the regular duties of the member while in the employment of the Police Service.

Each Board member has a specific portfolio for which he or she is responsible for including:

  • Legal Assistance
  • Health and Safety
  • Communications
  • Member Benefits
  • WSIB
  • Equipment
  • Finances

Board of Directors as of September, 2020:

Miro Soucek
Vice President:
Sean Peters
Carole Mariuz
Alex Cunningham 
Bargaining Directors:
Johann Lewis
Sean Macdonald
Uniform Director:
Aaron Johnston
Dave Ferrara
Tyler Callander
Civilian Directors:
Michell Long
Karen Kinart